Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Network Marketing

By | April 21, 2016

Have you ever wondered about those MLM companies that you hear so much about? Have you ever been to a presentation and had questions that you never really got a chance to ask? Well, as a former Network Marketer I have comprised a list of the top Five things that people ask me about Network Marketing, and I thought that I would publish it for those of you who have not gotten answers to some of the most important questions! Here we go:

Things you need to know

Is network marketing a scam?

The answer is No. Not. You may run across people who say otherwise, but I was involved in network marketing for six years, and I can tell you that it is possible to make money in Network Marketing. An official pyramid scheme is only considered a pyramid if the company does not offer any product or service to a consumer.

I hear stories about people making ridiculous amounts of money, and they did it in a short amount of time: is this true?

using gadget In each Network Marketing company, there are individuals who almost as soon as they join, experience an explosive organization. The company and the leaders in the company promote these individuals extremely well to help you realize that it can happen to you as well. Sadly, these kinds of explosive teams are extremely rare, and some people don’t make money at all.

This sounds like a model where i can get rich quick!!!!

While it may happen for the select few who have mentioned above, unfortunately, it is not a get rich quick industry. Network Marketing bases itself on the notion that you can work hard at a job for the next 40 years of your life. When time to retire on half of what you couldn’t live on in the first place, you could work extremely hard building a Network Marketing business for the next 4 to five years and spend the rest of your life the way you want to spend it.

How much works should i expect to put in?

You should expect to put a lot of effort into building your Network Marketing business. In most systems, you will spend a minimum of an hour a week for promotion meetings usually held at a local hotel. You will also spend lots of time being trained and doing training for your people as you move up and start becoming a leader. Although they may make it seem like it is a part time business, if you truly wish to make the incomes that they boast so frequently, you will need to treat it like a full-time job.

I know people who say that they have tried those “things” and they said it doesn’t work!

Network An entirely valid argument, however, I also know people who have been fired from every job I have been at. Let’s face it; not everyone is cut out for everything. In my experience in Life and Network Marketing, I have come to the conclusion that those who do not have strong work ethic and can stay focused on accomplishing a goal, usually do not get very far in the ever venture. Not to say that those people do not work hard, but in many cases, that’s what I experienced to happen. Also, you have to understand that Network Marketing is an industry. It is different from every business model developed in our history, and thus it requires a different set of skill sets to succeed. The only way to succeed is to learn and develop those skill sets through personal growth, reading, and experience. So sometimes people do not succeed in Network Marketing simply because they haven’t developed those skill sets enough to succeed.

If you have read these questions and you have decided that you still want to do Network Marketing, then best of luck to you and the only advice I can give is NEVER to Giving UP. You can’t fail if you don’t quit.