A Guide to Choosing the Right Perennial

By | June 5, 2019

The best types of perennials that live for an extended period cost a lot of money than the annuals. Many gardeners call them workhorses of the garden, and in the real sense, they are the best you can ever think of planting on your yard when it comes to summer or spring season. When you decide that you want to plant them on your garden, you will note that there will be a lot of factors you will consider starting from the location you live to the soil type.

How do you choose the right type of a perennial? It is a crucial question that needs you to look for its answers immediately you make up your mind that you want to plant these perennials on your garden. We have many types of perennials, and as a beginner, the sun loving perennials will be the best type that you should start with. Also, before you prepare to plant these perennials, you should remember that if you live where the winters are too cold, the roots of some perennials will perish. Let us know some of the factors that should be considered when buying or choosing the best perennial plant.

The Type of Soil

The type of soil in your area will determine the a perennial you will choose to plant. But it is has been confirmed that most of these perennials grow in well-drained soil. You should look for that type of soil that does not stay wet for long. Also, it will be essential if you get to learn the growing stages of these plants before you plant them. For you to know the exact type of soil you have in your area, you can decide to use a shop-bought soil tester.summer flowers

When Do You Want Them to Flower?

You can be the determinant when it comes to the flowering of perennials. Even though most gardeners do not spend most of the time on their garden until the days get lighter and warmer, you should at least know when you want your garden to flower. If your gardening space is limited, it will be wise if you avoid choosing early spring flowering perennials.

Types of Flower Colors

When it comes to color selection, you will find that most men do not differentiate the various types of colors. In this case, as a man, when you are making this choice, it will be hard, and you will need to be guided accordingly. But a simple guide is that when you are selecting the type of colors you may need, it will be essential if you consider going for those perennials that can produce the best flower colors that will match with the exterior design of your house.


When you are choosing your favorite type of perennials, you need to understand that they come in all sizes and shapes. We have the short types that spread all over and the tall one that can grace the back of a border. In other words, these perennials grow at different rates. When you are making your choice, choose depending on your needs.